Vehicle Care

To maintain and in some cases improve vehicle performance and fuel consumption, Suzuki recommend that you regularly carry out a 'mini' check on your vehicle. Sometimes, these checks can avoid the need for expensive repairs and in some cases a fine!

Hints and Tips

1.   Check your tyres:

Tyres are a safety feature and are the only point of contact between you and the road. The correct tyre pressure is important, as this could affect the performance of your vehicle as well as increasing fuel consumption if the tyres are at the incorrect pressure. You will find your vehicle's tyre pressures in your owner's handbook.

2.   Check your lights:

See and be seen! For legal as well as safety reasons, you should check all your vehicle lights regularly. A failed light bulb does not cost a lot to replace, but it could result in an expensive fine. Your local Dealer will be able to replace your light bulb for you in no time.

3.   Check your engine oil:

To avoid any damage to your engine in between services, it is important to check your engine oil level and maintain it at the correct level. Every engine consumes oil and keeping yours topped up is easy. But do take care not to put too much in, as this can damage your engine just as much as having too little. Contact your local Dealer if assistance is required with checking your levels, which engine oil to use or for any offers on engine oil.

4.   Check your windscreen wipers and screen wash:

Good visibility whilst driving is a must. Sunlight, ozone, oil and dirt all act to cause wiper blade rubber to deteriorate. This results in wiper blade noise, and juddering. Keep your screen wash bottle topped up with good quality screen wash to get rid of bugs in the summer and prevent frozen washer jets in the winter. Contact your local Dealer for further details.

With a little effort you can enjoy carefree motoring all year round.

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Panel Repairer Network

At Suzuki Australia we understand that as unfortunate as it may be, accidents do happen and we also know it can be a time of uncertainty and confusion. This is why we have made things as easy and stress-free as possible, by appointing a network of Preferred Panel Repairers. Our Repairers have been carefully hand-picked for their high quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

The Suzuki Preferred Panel Repairer Network gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Suzuki is being repaired by highly qualified professionals using only Suzuki Genuine Parts. It’s our way ensuring the integrity of your vehicle’s safety systems are maintained and your vehicle is returned to you as close to pre-accident condition as possible.

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