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    Suzuki S-Cross Concept

    Bold new future for Suzuki

    Suzuki continues to be a champion of producing exciting cars with the imminent release of a bold new future for compact SUV buyers.
    As the company that created the compact SUV segment, with innovative vehicles like the Jimny and Vitara, Suzuki boasts a wealth of experience designing lifestyle vehicles unmatched by other manufacturers.

    The next chapter in the company’s rich history – due to hit Australia in late 2013 – was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.
    The new model heralded by the S-Cross concept marks Suzuki’s full-scale entry into the market for C-segment crossovers.
    The new vehicle’s features and functions will be designed primarily for comfort, but also offer a high degree of practicality by providing one of the largest luggage areas for C-segment crossover cars.

    Suzuki is also ensuring that the new crossover inherits the on-road handling and performance excellence of the award winning Swift and Kizashi.
    And Suzuki is adopting systems that represent an evolution in all-wheel-drive performance that is part and parcel of its heritage. The new model will offer drivability which encompasses fuel-saving driving, more sporty driving, and even driving on various surfaces such as beaches and snow.
    It will maximize the enjoyment of day-to-day tasks such as commuting or carrying children as well as the pleasure of longer trips at weekends; in short, it will allow people to get the most out of urban lifestyles. It will perfectly embody Suzuki’s vision of a smart crossover for more freedom in daily life.
    Suzuki has always been focusing on creating models—such as the Alto—which are characterised by offering fun to drive vehicles that leave the smallest possible environmental footprint.

    Suzuki has set itself a goal of making the new crossover car among the class leaders in terms of environmental performance. The production model will boast some of the lowest CO2 emissions in the segment.

    The S-Cross design

    • Emotion is expressed by dynamic lines running from the front bumper to the rear of the body, by chrome-plated features which extend deep into the body from LED fog lamps in the front bumper, and by LED headlamps and tail lamps with organic designs suggesting the muscles of an animal.
    • Quality is expressed by a mesh front grille consisting of dark chrome and silky chrome and by innovatively designed roof rails which are flush with the roof line when not in use.
    • Aerodynamics are expressed by a roofline which slopes downwards towards the rear and by smooth contours on the sides of the front bumper, at the bottom of the doors and on the sides of the rear bumper. The shape of the body helps the vehicle meet increasingly tough demands for fuel economy.
    • Crossover toughness is expressed by a front skid plate, by boldly flared wing arches and under mouldings, and by 20-inch chrome wheels.

    “The new crossover car marks the start of a new generation of Suzuki cars,” said Suzuki Australia Automobile General Manager Tony Devers.
    “We’ve just been through the most successful era in the company’s history with cars like the Swift, new Grand Vitara and stylish Kizashi.
    “This innovative car represents an exciting new era for Suzuki and compact SUV customers in Australia.”