Jimny Sierra

Goes where roads don't go

The Jimny Sierra

Since 1970, the Jimny Sierra has forged a reputation for being tougher than the terrain it has to travel. From the days of the original LJ10, the Jimny Sierra was acclaimed as a tough working vehicle for forestry and construction industries in the mountains to the snow fields of Japan. With its 4x4 heritage, bigger engines and stronger models with increased passenger comfort, the Jimny Sierra has survived the world's toughest terrains. A 4WD legend for more than forty years, today it's still known as the 4WD that'll take you places the others can't. When you need a vehicle to survive in the wild, the Jimny Sierra is tough to beat.

Power when you need it

1.3L 4-cylinder petrol engine

With VVT (Variable Valve Timing) technology, delivering great performance, excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions.
Power: 62.5kW, Torque: 110Nm, Fuel economy:  7.3L/100km (manual), 7.8L/100km (automatic)


The 5-speed manual transmission delivers vigorous performance and smooth gear changing in all driving conditions.
The 4-speed automatic ensures effortless driving while also maximising fuel efficiency.

Drive 4x4 Action

4x4 system with 3 different modes. 2WD sends all the traction to the rear wheels for a more fuel efficient drive. 4WD splits the traction 50:50 between front and rear axles for better off-road performance, and 4WD-L offers enough low range traction for some serious off-road driving.


The 3-link rigid suspension with coil spring front and rear combination is ideal for a sturdy and reliable off-road vehicle, at the same time delivering a comfortable ride for when cruising in the city.

Just the right comfort

Take the wheel of the Jimny Sierra and you'll notice that everything feels just right. The controls are positioned so they fall naturally to hand. The meters are arranged so the information you need is in clear line of sight, it's an interior built with the driver in mind.

A high seating position makes driving easy and enjoyable by giving you a commanding view of the road and terrain. A sliding front passenger seat, wide door openings, and low sills mean everyone gets in and out with ease. Each side of the rear seat can be folded independently to create more space for luggage.

Refinement is evident throughout the Jimny Sierra's cabin. The seats have high-quality fabric upholstery and exude comfort. Power door locks, electric windows, and a climate-control system are there for added convenience. 

Jimny Sierra

Jimny Sierra

It's not where you go that matters, it's how you get there that counts. The Suzuki Jimny Sierra has always let you do your own thing. Its nimble size makes it ideal for zipping around town. When it's time to enjoy a little freedom from the hustle and bustle, the Jimny Sierra will get you to your favourite fishing or camping spot in relative comfort.

Make no mistake, the Jimny Sierra is a true 4x4. Built on a sturdy, 3 section, ladder frame chassis, means you can push it further and harder than those "soft-roaders" you see around town. The live front and rear axles combined with 3-link coil suspensions and separate shockers, give you better ground clearance in any environment.

  • Superior White
  • Quasar Grey

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