5 fashion trends the Swift has outlasted


The Swift is fast approaching 20 years on Aussie driveways. The hatchback has seen it all, from the rise of tech companies through to interesting fashion trends. Only one thing has stayed the same, its relevance through time. Here are the top 5 fashion trends that the hatchback has outlasted.

The emo

Where everything went black, hair draped over eyes, and people acted sad for the sake of being sad. Not many from this group rode in a Swift, but those that did we think left the trend in the rear view mirror. Something about an emo smiling doesn’t make sense. The reversing camera might have also helped.

The crop tops

It graced the red carpet many times and could be seen on all the big names. This trend is making a return as many dive through the racks of op shops and uncover “vintage items”. Much like the trend the Swift does have a bit of mid drift. Known in the automotive world as ground clearance. 120mm to be exact.

The hipster

Thick oversized glasses donned faces, skinny jeans became oh so skinny, and man buns ruled coffee shops. It was the time when being different meant being the same, strangely. But as the Swift passed through this time, it opted for a touch screen display instead. Smart move.


The humble working-class fabric and put it on everything that wasn’t nailed down: handbags, hats, and even seat covers. Imitation denim reared its head in the form of jeggings and underwear after people wanted the look and be able to move. Much like the fabric, it wore out over time. The Swift pursued a weave at the same time, just in the form of lane detection. Like jeans it’s here to stay.

The Hypebeast

The trend is still figuring it’s self out. It all about hype around releases, which is more valuable than the actual release. With brands such as Supreme, BAPE and more selling out within seconds of releasing new items. This is one trend the Swift knows all too well. With demand so high on this hatch, getting a set of keys can prove to be challenging.

There are more trends to come. What they are is still anyone’s guess. What’s for sure is they will all come and go, but the Swift will always remain. Head to your local Suzuki dealer to get your set of keys today.

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