Jimny Jargon


So, you just bought a Jimny, an authentic off-roader, but you haven't a clue about off-roading. To make it easy we’ve put together some Jimny Jargon for you; a list of off-roading lingo to help you play the part.

Blip: Quick touch of the throttle to momentarily rev an engine. 

Often used when downshifting in a manual transmission. Not only does it make everything smoother, but it makes you appear like a complete legend to both passengers and onlookers.

Boxed: Strengthening the 4x4 frame by adding a metal plate to an open-channel frame-rail or cross-member, thereby turning a three-sided frame-rail into a four-sided rail. 

This is something Suzuki does to the Jimny in the factory. That’s why they are the best 4wd in Australia.

Four-banger: A four-cylinder engine. 

The Jimny’s "four-banger" pumps out 75kw with great reliability. It is worth noting the Jimny stereo is also capable of outputting “club bangers”. Please do not get these confused.

OEM: Original equipment manufacturer. 

You only want the finest for your Jimny, so treat it right with OEM parts. Putting aftermarket parts on is like putting Usain Bolt in gumboots.

Snatch strap: A thick strap used to pull out stuck vehicles. Also known as a tow strap or yank strap. 

For Jimny owners, it's called the "rescue other 4x4's strap".

Wail: To perform at peak power or efficiency. 

You don't need to worry about this. All Jimny’s roll off the production line ready for a wail of a time.

Wheelbase: Distance from the centre of a car's front wheel to the centre of the rear wheel on the same side.

The Jimny is famous for having a short wheelbase of 2250mm. Giving it a nimble mountain goat characteristic when off-road, unlike other unnamed four wheel drive's that lumber along. 

WOT: Wide Open Throttle. 

Let’s hear a WOT WOT! This is like a blip, but you just plant that right foot for a little longer. Commonly used for overtaking non-fun 4wd cars on the freeway.

And thus, concludes brief lesson in Jimny Jargon. Now get out there and fake it ‘til you make it.

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