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One of the most frequently asked questions in a Suzuki dealership is: “how does the performance of one of these incredible hatchback cars/SUVs for sale stack up against a professional athlete?”

And you’re in luck. In the lead up to the NRL Final, we’re going to give you a breakdown comparison of our cars against the pro-iest athletes we know: Melbourne Storm.

You’re welcome, science.

Cameron Smith vs Suzuki Vitara

A strong start and a pretty close call (although not really). Highest point scorer of all time with over 400 matches under his belt, Cameron Smith even looks like an SUV.

He’s some pretty tough competition.

Unfortunately for Cam, the Suzuki Vitara is an SUV with some seriously impressive performance. The Vitara’s powerful yet fuel-efficient engine with superior torque to weight ratio makes it a serious powerhouse.

And whilst Cameron Smith’s AM appointment is impressive, the Vitara’s 5-star ANCAP Safety Rating ultimately clinched the victory for this round.

Point: Suzuki. Also, yes, we’re keeping score now.

Josh Addo-Carr vs Suzuki S-Cross Turbo

Alright. Serious time.

Josh Addo-Carr, at 183cm and almost 90kg, is straight up the fastest player on the ground— clocking in an impressive top speed of 38.5km/h.

His speed-to-size-to-power ratio is mental.

Not unlike the Suzuki S-Cross Turbo, however. At just 158cm tall, it’s hefty 1.4L Boosterjet Direct-Injection Turbo Engine does mean it gets some pretty impressive performance out of its compact SUV frame. In fact, if you were to open the S-Cross Turbo up on a race track, you’d likely clock a little over 200km/h.

Which is ever so slightly more than 38.5km/h.

Suzuki wins again.

Cameron Munster vs Suzuki Ignis

A two-time Dally M winner and World Cup player, it’s no doubt Cameron Munster is an absolute powerhouse.

He’s good, but he’s also called Cameron—making him the second Cameron on this list. It’s not very original. If only he were called something like “Jimny”, or “Baleno”, or “Ignis”.

Ignis Munster has a real nice ring to it.

The Suzuki Ignis is already called Ignis, however. That, coupled with its impressive performance for its incredibly compact SUV frame and advanced connectivity features, makes it the clear winner in this face-off.

As far as we know, Cameron Munster doesn’t even come with Apple CarPlay.

Suzuki: 3. Melbourne Storm: Still really, really good tbh.

Well there you have it. If your decision on whether to buy a Suzuki or a Melbourne Storm player even came down to price alone, we’d recommend strongly in favour of Suzuki.

Unfortunately, Suzukis are also banned from competing in official NRL matches (long story). So, if you’re looking for a team to back in the finals, Storm’s the clear winner.

Good luck, lads.

Listening to us tell you how great our cars are, is kinda like listening to your mum tell you that you’re the best-looking kid at school. Sorry mum.

So, don’t just take our word for it. Let us know which Suzuki you’ve got your eye on and we’ll send you a list of independent reviews.

Oh, by the way if you ask us, mum was right—you’re a legend.

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