Suzuki's Road Trip Bucket List


Ok, with their great reliability a Suzuki is never gonna die on you, so why have we put a bucket list together?

Well, after taking you anywhere and everywhere you’ve ever wanted to go, we thought we’d flip the tables and compile a list of places your Suzuki might want to travel.

Starting with…

Jimny – Australia’s next top model.

Our iconic four wheel drive has pretty much conquered every hard-to-reach corner of Australia with its 130 NM of torque, but there is one terrain it has never felt under its tires: the runway at Fashion Week. With its small wheelbase and showstopping ALL GRIP drivetrain not only will it fit on the catwalk, but the 4x4 will probably own it.

S-Cross – Art meets art

The S-Cross with its 430L boot is a small SUV that has been described by many dealers as a work of art itself. So, a trip to the NGV or Mona might be high on this compact SUV’s list. In fact, with an S-Cross in the carpark, these galleries will have a new exhibit on their hands.

Swift – An unexpected encounter.

Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory is renowned for being a UFO hot spot for in Australia. The iconic hatchback on the other hand with its 1.4 BOOSTERJET engine is an IFO; an Identifiable Flying Object (at least in the metaphorical sense) and should give those UFO spotters something new to discuss.

Baleno – Fit for Royalty

After winning the Wheels Awards 2021, Baleno is the reigning king of small hatchbacks. So, what better than to treat it with a trip to Paronella Park; a site known for hosting royalty. All hail, for this epic small hatchback.

Vitara – Jurassic Carpark

The Vitara is a small SUV known for its spirit of adventure and the perfect companion for any expedition so why not head to New South Wales to the site of a 96-million-year-old dinosaur footprint. But don’t expect to be the only SUV heading that way; after all, they do move in herds.  

Ignis – The red (dust) carpet

As hatchbacks go, the Ignis looks great on the big screen and also in front of a big screen. So, take it to a drive-in cinema, or better still take it to the rare Uluru drive-in cinema that only opens a few times a year, we’ve heard that it rocks.

Listening to us tell you how great our cars are, is kinda like listening to your mum tell you that you’re the best-looking kid at school. Sorry mum.

So, don’t just take our word for it. Let us know which Suzuki you’ve got your eye on and we’ll send you a list of independent reviews.

Oh, by the way if you ask us, mum was right—you’re a legend.

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