Unlocking Your Keys to Success


Suzuki designs cars for the most successful Australians, but our definition of success isn’t judged on social status, or salary, or job title.

Nah, we believe success is graded on a curve that’s on your face. Measure life by smiles per hour.

So whether you’re the kind of people who rock up to a party in a small SUV wearing matching outfits, cowboy hats, and… is that face paint? The kind of people who take their hatchback curb-side shopping with their best mate, their favourite porcelain dog and of course, their grandpa. And the kind of people who goof off in a four wheel drive or should we say, the best 4wd in Australia, as their partner performs the greatest (well really the worst!) rendition of the ‘stair walk’.

Because what better way to be successful than by heading down the coast, or to the city, or to absolutely nowhere in a 4x4, a compact SUV, or one of our best hatchback cars?

Because ultimately, success is no longer about what you own; it’s just about owning it. Happiness. Silliness. Successfulness.

So, yes, whilst we do sell the best small SUV, the best small cars, and the best 4wd in Australia, the real success story here is you. Our drivers.

Listening to us tell you how great our cars are, is kinda like listening to your mum tell you that you’re the best-looking kid at school. Sorry mum.

So, don’t just take our word for it. Let us know which Suzuki you’ve got your eye on and we’ll send you a list of independent reviews.

Oh, by the way if you ask us, mum was right—you’re a legend.

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