Suzuki clean up in the West


The Royal Automobile Club has rewarded Suzuki’s commitment to providing affordable green motoring to its West Australian customers in its annual running costs survey.

The Suzuki Alto and Kizashi were both clear class leaders in the 2011 RAC Cost of Vehicle Ownership Survey. This follows similar recognition from the NRMA, RACV, RAA and RACT.

With its leading safety of six airbags and ESC plus the economy of just 4.7 litres per 100 kilometres, the Suzuki Alto – starting from just $12,490 drive away – has been confirmed as one of the best value new cars on the market.

The Kizashi also represents outstanding buying, starting at a recommended retail price of just $28,490 and now recognized as the most affordable car to own and operate in the competitive medium segment.

Calculations were based on private ownership of a vehicle for a five-year period and driving an average of 15,000km each year.

RAC spokesperson Matt Brown said all the costs of owning and operating a vehicle were included in the survey, with calculations based on private ownership over five years and driving an average 15,000 km annually.

Servicing costs follow manufacturer’s schedule, and include the usual replacement parts and service times, while fuel prices are an average of the past 12 months.

Mr Brown highlighted the cost benefits offered by a car like the Kizashi.

"If you don't need a large vehicle, you can save big dollars simply by choosing one that better suits your purposes," he said.

For example, motorists could keep $5000 a year in their purses by choosing a mid-size rather than big car.

This was based on the full-size Honda Accord V6 costing $15,480 annually to own and run compared with $10,680 

The surveys also pointed out that low emissions and super-efficiency come at a cost, with the initial outlay to buy such a vehicle resulting in high standing costs.

“Australia’s most fuel efficient car, the Ford Fiesta Econetic, costs 11.86 cents per km in running costs, but has high standing costs. They are $47.06 per week more than the class leader, the Suzuki Alto, which can also be considered a low emissions vehicle.”

Based on average car operating costs, the Alto ranked first among all new vehicles in Western Australia with a weekly bill of just $110.79, while the Kizashi was the stand-out performer in the medium segment with a weekly cost of just $205.39.

“The Suzuki mantra of providing quality, reliable and value-packed products couldn’t be more evident than in our award-winning line-up of vehicles,” said Suzuki Australia General Manager, Tony Devers.

“The report highlights the Alto and Kizashi both offer outstanding efficiency without adding the prohibitive cost imposed by hybrid or diesel cars.

“Importantly, we have also ensured fuss-free motoring still comes with high levels of sporty handling and that ‘fun to drive’ element that is inherent in every Suzuki.

“The results speak for themselves and we are extremely proud of this recognition by the country’s leading group of independent motoring experts.”

An online copy of the 2011 report can be found at:

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