The Flagship Vitara presents: Land Shanties - The Albumn - Every trip be an adventure
The Flagship Vitara presents: Land Shanties - The Albumn - Every trip be an adventure


Buckle up for the genre-defining Land Shanties album—the soundtrack to the Suzuki Vitara. Capturing
all the fun and adventure of the high seas on the highways, Land Shanties is a concept album following
one hero’s quest to buy almond milk for his sweetheart.

Brought to life by The Longest Johns, allow yourself to be moved by Land Shanties as the mighty
Suzuki Vitara does that exact same thing. Let every trip be an adventure, stream the full
Land Shanties album now.


For optimum listening pleasure, Land Shanties should be enjoyed via the in-car Apple CarPlay® or
AndroidAuto® system, installed as standard in your Suzuki Vitara.

Non-Vitara-owners, please see your local Suzuki dealer to book a shantiful
test voyage today.

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