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Suzuki Roadside Assistance

5 years of confidence

Suzuki Australia has partnered with Assist Australia Pty Ltd to provide and administer the Suzuki Roadside Assistance program giving customers access to their vast national resources and expertise, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

^From December 1, 2020 all new Suzuki vehicles will include up to 5 years of Roadside Assistance. The Roadside Assistance program will re-new annually for a period up to 5 years conditional to customers returning to their authorised Suzuki dealer for scheduled servicing and following the terms and conditions of Suzuki’s Capped Priced Service (CPS) Program for their vehicle. Further details of the CPS program can be found here. 

Intermittently Suzuki Australia has offered various Roadside Assistance programs on specific models in the range, some of these programs are listed below. If you are unsure if your vehicle has Roadside Assistance please contact your Suzuki dealer. 

  • From October 2019 to November 2020, new Suzuki Vitara and Jimny vehicles included 5 years of Roadside Assistance.
  • For customers who purchased between January 2019 - September 2019, new Suzuki Vitara and Jimny vehicles included complimentary 3 years of Roadside Assistance. This can be increased by an additional 2 years to a total of 5 years when a customer follows the terms and conditions of Suzuki's Capped Priced Service Program for vehicles purchased pre September 30, 2019.


Accessing Roadside Assistance

Eligible customers can access Suzuki's Roadside Assistance Program by calling 1800 777 088 from anywhere in Australia.

To make sure that you are back on the road as soon as possible, please have the following information available when calling:

  • Membership number (the vehicle’s Registration  Number, or VIN)
  • Name and location
  • A description of the problem
  • If possible, contact telephone numbers
  • Customers should stay with the vehicle until assistance arrives.

Roadside Assistance personnel will be dispatched promptly to assess and attempt to rectify the problem. All care will be taken to get the customer back on the road, however, if this is not possible or if the personnel consider there is a chance that any mechanical action may void part of the vehicle’s New Vehicle Warranty, Suzuki Roadside Assist, will provide towing.

Would you like more information?

Please view the Terms and Conditions of Suzuki Roadside Assistance by clicking the link below.
Roadside Assistance T&C's (1.29MB)


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