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Regular car servicing maintains your Suzuki's long-term reliability and safety, which is why we specify a 'distance travelled' and/or time interval in your cars servicing program, whichever comes first.

Our expertly trained Suzuki Dealer technicians not only use the latest Suzuki servicing equipment, but also have access to the latest information and training on Suzuki car products, to keep your Suzuki operating in peak condition.

So don't jeopardise the reliability and safety of your investment by allowing it to be serviced by someone who lacks the equipment and training that only your authorised Suzuki Dealer service department can offer.

Ready to book your Suzuki in for a car service? Book your car service online now or locate your closest Suzuki service centre. Not sure where the closest Suzuki service centre is? Use our Suzuki dealer locator tool.

  • Confidence
    Complete Confidence

    All service work is undertaken by factory-trained technicians using the latest Suzuki diagnostic equipment.

  • Only Genuine Parts
    Only Genuine Parts

    Enhance your vehicle’s long-term reliability, safety and re-sale value.

  • Advanced Technology
    Advanced Technology

    Only your Suzuki Dealer can update your vehicle’s factory software.

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While we understand that browsing the Suzuki website in anticipation is a pinnacle of the “internet experience”, sometimes it’s fun popping back to reality – especially a reality that involves you taking a joyride in the Suzuki model of your choice. Treat yo’self.

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