15 Years Together. And still more in love than ever.

15 Years Together. And still more in love than ever.

Research has shown that long lasting relationships are comprised of five things: love, trust, respect, communication, and epic 4x4s. 
At Suzuki and Melbourne Storm not only have we mastered all five, but we’ve done it with a smile on our face and an NRL ball in our hatchback. Here’s how…
Experts will tell you that the secret to keeping the spark alive is to maintain openness to new experiences, practice generosity, show your love, learn to compromise, and carve out time for one another. But the truth is, the secret to keeping the spark alive is a whole lot simpler: just drive one of the best small cars -or best 4wd in Australia- because with their great fuel-economy, cutting edge technology, and advanced engine options you’ll never have an issue with your spark again. We promise.
Pro tip: this method also works for our compact SUVs, hatchback cars, and four wheel drives.
And, if you’re still wondering what it takes to beat the national Australian average by 12.5 years, we’re here to spill the engine oil. 
All it takes is:
• winning a few Premierships (four to be exact), 
• six minor Premierships, 
• and driving to every game -in anything from a small SUV to a four-wheel drive – while blasting the Melbourne Storm club song through Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
So there you have it. If you want to fall in love faster than you can drive a 4×4, then we think you’ve found the right place to start. 
Check out the video here.

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