Apple CarPlay And Android Auto Are Changing The Way You Travel

Apple CarPlay And Android Auto Are Changing The Way You Travel


It’s no secret that the benefits of buying a Suzuki are aplenty. Cutting edge safety features, impressive performance, sleek, sexy styling… the list just goes on. 

But want to know about a feature that’s really going to change the way you travel? All new Suzuki models are now compatible with the ultimate co-pilots (…who won’t make a comment the next time you accidentally hit a curb)  – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

We’ve found a way for you to travel in style, comfort and with convenience. So read on.


Ahh, remember the time before reverse cameras? How glad we all are that technology has evolved since then. And that Suzuki has evolved with this technology. 

That’s right –  we make sure every new Suzuki model comes equipped with a reverse camera, because drivers really don’t have eyes on the back of their heads. Who would’ve thought, huh? 

AND, we also make sure every new model is Smart compatible – meaning you can connect your sweet ride to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Stay safe and don’t get tempted by your mobile phone any longer! Instead, use your Suzuki Swift’s voice control to call your mum back! 


So, you’re stuck in traffic. And your petrol light is on. And the game is about to start. 

There are some times where even your slick and sexy Small Car can’t weave its way through traffic and save you.

“Do you want to change your route and save seven minutes?”. Your Google Assistant has pulled through once again, even pointing you in the direction of the nearest petrol station. 

You make it home in time for kick off… without your beloved Suzuki Swift Sport on the side of the road with no fuel. 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto share real time alerts with you, to offer you time-saving routes and get you to the nearest petrol station, as well as your destination… ASAP!

Save time and avoid stress, with Suzuki’s new models.


Picture this – you’re about to embark on an exciting Summer road trip. The vibes are high. Suddenly, your recently heartbroken friend Sarah claims the front passenger seat. She grabs the phone cable and connects it to her phone. For the next hour, you’re made to suffer through a compilation of sad, grief-stricken tunes. The mood in your Small SUV has dropped to an all time low. Not exactly the start you had in mind for your fun road trip, hey? 

You’ve had enough and decide to call for help. ‘Siri,’ you say, ‘play Get Low’. 

Thanks to your Suzuki Vitara, all of your favourite Spotify songs and ultimate road trip playlists are at your fingertips, only a click away. Save the day and act as your own personal DJ, with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Using voice command or your built-in Suzuki controls, you can make long, painful car rides that much more bearable. You have control. 


Technology is constantly changing and evolving – and it’s pretty exciting to say the least! 

One thing that will never change, is the benefit of buying a Suzuki. We’re making sure we keep up and continue to bring you the best ways to travel. Want to experiment with all of the cool features discussed in this article? It’s time to say goodbye to your old car (boo) and say hello to one of our new models (yay). For more information, talk to the legends at your local Suzuki dealership today.

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