The art of the mid-week road trip

The art of the mid-week road trip


Lockdown might be ending, or it might be over. One thing that’s certain, there are about to be a lot of people road-tripping. Every weekend campsites will be filled, roads packed, and surf breaks overwhelmed.

To avoid every man and his dog there is only one solution. Mid-week road trip. Getting away with it while working from home is somewhat of an art. Below are tips and tricks. WARNING: Suzuki doesn’t take responsibility for any actions if you are caught.

Step 1: Planning. Make or break.

Plan out everything. Where’s the campsite/hotel? What’s the route to get there? A Suzuki small SUV or small car are preferable as they are designed for maximum practicality comes in handy. If not roof racks are your friend. For those that are working from home you hold the cards. For those that aren’t get creative.

Hot tip: Fill the fuel tank the night before. Less time in the gas station the more time on the beach. This is less of a problem in a Suzuki with their excellent fuel economy.

Step 2: During. Execute the plan.

Enjoy the trip. Go big, go wild, but most of all take your phone. It’s the price to pay for sneaking out mid-week. If a call needs to be taken, playing ambient office noise in the background can help disguise most sounds. This can be made easier with Apple Car Play and Android Auto in new Suzuki’s.

Hot Tip: Use the mute button. It’s a vital part of the arsenal and is perfect for keeping cover.

Step 3: Keeping it together

Resist posting happy snaps of the adventure till a couple of weeks down the track. If you are going to post photos don’t forget to tag Suzuki Australia.

Hot Tip: If travelling in a group align on one story or create an alibi.

When all is said and done, practise makes perfect. Feel free to share this around with friends and family. It’s recommended that bosses don’t see this. Best of luck with your trip, and remember Suzuki does not take responsibility if caught.

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