Does your pooch look at you with those sad, puppy dog eyes every time you leave the house? Does it let out a cry, pulling at your heart strings and leaving you ridden with guilt? 

Well, you’re not alone. That’s right – dogs all over the world are guilt tripping their owners, every single day.  “I’d take you with me if I could,” you try to plead. 

Well, now you can – so pet lovers rejoice! Suzuki’s range of Small SUVs make it easy as pie to bring your best friend along with you wherever you go. They’re compact enough to drive with ease, yet roomy enough for your dog to ride in style and comfort. Want to know more about what makes Suzuki’s Small SUVs the paw-fect ride for you and your pet? Read on!


There are no shortage of places to take your pooch! Visit a dog-friendly cafe in your local city or catch some waves at a nearby dog-friendly beach. A super simple Google search will quickly reveal the endless possibilities you and your best friend face. But why limit yourselves? There’s a whole country to see, people! Jump into a Suzuki Ignis and hit the road. Who knows where the road will take you. Need ideas of where to go? Why not check out some of the 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Australia? Get your dog on the gram, they might even have a future in modelling!


Now, we get it. You’ve just bought a Suzuki Vitara. The last thing you want to do is get your sweet new ride dirty, scratched and hairy. Eek! But… those puppy dog eyes, they get you every time. Well, fear not! There are things you do to make sure your pup doesn’t miss out and your car is cared for. It’s the best of both worlds! “Tell me more,” you say? 

Back seat car protectors are one of the best ways to stop your dog from leaving behind more hair than is on its body in the first place (seriously, how does this happen?), as well as prevent it from digging its pesky claws into your Vitara’s brand new seats. And they look pretty damn comfy for your backseat bandit too. It’s a win-win! 


So, now you know how to protect your new Small SUV, but what about your beloved pooch?! Wipe away your worries, there is indeed a way. Dog seat belts Ta-dah! They’re revolutionary. Simply buy one of these bad boys and fasten your pups harness to your Suzuki S-Cross seat belt attachment. It’s that easy. 

Well, there you have it folks. Now you know exactly how easy it can be to travel with your pet, with one of Suzuki’s spacious, Small SUV models. Just like your best friend, your new Suzuki will always be there for you – ready to take on any adventure! Now you can travel with both of your best friends at the same time… it’s the ultimutt friendship. 

Do you think it’s time you upgrade your car? We sure do! Speak to the legends at your local Suzuki dealership today, to get your pup out the house and onto the road in no time!

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