Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference


In 1981, Suzuki created the rhino logomark which became famous overnight with Jimny 4×4 fans around the world. As you may expect, the rhino was chosen for the Jimny as they have much in common; both are tough, love nature, embrace the spirit of the outdoors and are willing to charge at any challenge they face. However, it may surprise you to know that they aren’t exactly alike. It’s cool, we get it you’re not a rhinologist. But just so you don’t make any embarrassing mistakes next time you’re on safari, here’s a couple of differences Suzuki have noticed:


The Jimny is easy as to park. With power steering and reverse camera, you’ll find that parallel parking is a breeze. While there’s little research available, testing shows that parallel parking a rhino is a lot more problematic. The blind spots of a rhino are numerous, and the only option really available is forward-facing bay parks, which can be less than ideal in inner-city environments.

Sound System:

Speakers and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connectivity are both available in the Jimny, allowing you to enjoy your road trips in melodic and sonic comfort. On the other hand, streaming music to a rhino requires a complete overhaul of the rhino’s internal system and may also contravene some animal protection laws. Suzuki Australia strongly advises against this.

Climate Control:

The Jimny’s climate control allows drivers to tackle the harshest terrains in relative comfort.  A rhino on the other hand has been known to mask himself in mud to stay cool. Whilst this method could be adopted and employed by Jimny, and therefore could be another commonality, we believe the lack of available AC is another thing that helps distinguish the Jimny from the rhino. 


The Jimny integrates a sophisticated 4×4 system designed for incredible traction and low range capabilities. The rhino on the other hand operates a 4-legged system. With separate power delivery to each leg at all times, we are sure that a rhino can get everywhere it wants to. So, whilst the outcomes are the same, the methods and mechanics greatly differ.

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, these key observations should help any car buyer from accidentally picking up a rhino at a dealership.*

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