Suzuki Architecture

Suzuki Architecture


Introducing Suzuki Rooms

Add the world’s most advanced room to your home, instantly.

Room is more important than ever before.

Room is more important than ever before.

Thinking of renovating or upsizing? Think again – Suzuki is disrupting the real estate industry with Suzuki Rooms that you can easily add to your existing home.

Unlike most rooms, Suzuki Rooms allow for ‘Drive It Yourself’ installation. No construction costs. No planning permits required. All you need to turn your 2-bedroom into a 3-bedroom is a driver’s license.

Step inside a Suzuki Room.

Step inside a Suzuki Room.

Our carchitects have combined the normal room features you love with comfort and convenience features never imagined before.

Suzuki Rooms are the first rooms that entirely eliminate walls. 360-degree windows allows natural light all day long. This design offers north-facing light, south-facing light, and east and west-facing light all at the same time.

Car transformation technology.

Car transformation technology.

Suzuki Rooms have one more surprise: in an instant your stylish, comfortable Suzuki Room can transform into an incredible quality, great value Suzuki Car.

Yes. Groundbreaking.

Every other room is just a box.

Every other room is just a box.

To truly understand what makes Suzuki Rooms so special, you’ll have to experience one yourself.

Enough with the idling

Come for a joyride

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While we understand that browsing the Suzuki website in anticipation is a pinnacle of the “internet experience”, sometimes it’s fun popping back to reality – especially a reality that involves you taking a joyride in the Suzuki model of your choice. Treat yo’self.

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