Suzuki Entertainment - The car game to rule them all

Suzuki Entertainment - The car game to rule them all


Ages 5+

2-5 Players

These rules are officially certified by the big boss man in charge of “fun” at Suzuki. So respect them and play fair.

These holidays are a time for road trips. And while driving your Suzuki small SUV or hatchback is the most fun, your passengers should get to have fun on their own. This is a simple set of mini games designed to work in a Suzuki. Although you can play in cars, we highly recommend getting a set of keys for a Suzuki then playing.

These games will be released bi-weekly over the holiday period on our social media channels. Obviously, you are too impatient because you want to view them all before anyone else. Kudos to you. You won the first game, the race to see all the games. Congrats.


We have tried to keep the rules as simple as we can. But feel free to throw a spicy spin on it. Ensure that the driver is not distracted when playing.

You can either play them in order or out of order. Whatever works best for you.  Keep a tally of who wins the most, as they get a special prize…

Game 1: Window Races.

Suzuki windows go down in 2.5 seconds. Making it perfect for a “Window Race”. First to drop and raise their window is the winner. Submit your fastest time on socials. We’ve had a bit of a head start and gotten in some training. Our times are pretty good if we don’t say so ourselves. Which we do.

Game 2: Arm Restle.

Suzuki Vitara armrests are sure to incite sibling rivalry. Introducing “Arm Restle”. Last one to keep their arm on the armrest is the winner. This one is for all the bragging rights. Don’t give in. 

Small warning. This game gets super competitive. This caused a mini riot in the Suzuki carpark, and now the logistics department isn’t talking to the finance department. Play at your own risk.

Game 3: Windscreen conductor.

Here’s another reason to be behind the wheel of a Suzuki – When you hit the wipers the passengers must follow and do the wave. With a wiper speed of 47wpm* (Waves Per Minute) it is sure to keep your windscreen sparkling and your passengers groovin.

This game is highly addictive. We left the interns to play it at the start of December. Their game is still going. They haven’t even left the car.

*47wpm may not be accurate nor be a unit of measurement… but it should be.

Game 4: Ice boxing

Pretty simple this one. Crank that Aircon to max cold and max fan, then hang on. Did you know that a Suzuki Swift aircon is so strong it cools the car Swiftly. Pretty nippy. First one to give in and ramp up the temp is the loser. This is the perfect game for those hot summer days in small cars. Those that are in the sunlight have a stellar advantage, literally so best of luck trying to keep up.

Game 5: Dry Balling

No it isn’t what it sounds like. Get that head of yours out of the tailpipe. Stick your eye up to a vent and first to blink is the loser. You’ll be lucky to last a few seconds.

Game 6: Suzuki Spotting

All you have to do is shout SUUUZZZUUUKKIII if you spot a flame orange Suzuki Swift Sport. This beautiful hatchback is fresh to Aussie shores, so they are rare as hens’ teeth. First to do so wins. If you scare everyone in the car with your shouting the more bonus points you get.

Game 7: Console Games

Suzuki has a centre console that can hold up to 7.2 moderately sized bananas *(banana emoji). Making it perfect for “Console Games”. Take it in turns to stuff as much as you can inside and close it. If you can’t fit and item, you lose. Be gentle, and don’t break it.

So that prize that was mentioned before.  It’s the stuff of gods. The thing that everyone wants. It is something that gives you the ultimate power. You get…. The power of the radio and control over the seating arrangement. Pretty high accolade. Use it wisely.

Every road trip is great. But now they’re even better. Have a ripper time, give your fellow Suzuki driver a Suzuki salute and we’ll see you out on the road.

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Come for a joyride

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