Suzuki Fronx Confirmed For Australia!

Suzuki Fronx Confirmed For Australia!


Building on its strong presence in the Australian SUV Market, Suzuki is pleased to announce that the All New Suzuki Fronx has been confirmed for release in Australia.

The all-new Fronx is a new-genre SUV with a coupe style that’s strong and fluid and an easy-to-drive compact body. The bold and thick front grille and the front and rear styling that emphasizes expansion towards the sides express powerfulness and strong presence of an SUV.   

The dynamic coupe style that slopes towards the rear emphasizes a flowing and stretchy proportion. In addition to the high-quality interior which makes efficient use of space, it has adopted advanced equipment such as 360 view camera, head up display, wireless charger and rear-seat air conditioning vents, for convenience and comfort.

Suzuki Australia General Manager – Automobile, Mr. Michael Pachota said the introduction of the Fronx will be another steppingstone for Suzuki in Australia to solidify its presence in the Light SUV Segment.

“With the launch of the all new Fronx, we’re combining unique sporty styling with SUV heritage, to deliver an exciting new product to our line-up.  Not only solidifying our presence in the Light SUV segment, but this vehicle will also open the doors to younger buyers looking to upgrade from a smaller hatchback to an SUV”

Further details regarding specification, features, and pricing to be released at a later date.

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