Time for a Service

Time for a Service


When It’s Time for a Service (Even in Unprecedented/Strange Times)

So you’ve not been driving your car all that much lately? Hey, we get it. We’d all rather be behind the wheels of our exquisitely built, excellently-priced Suzukis right now.

But even if a cruel twist of fate has relegated your pride and joy (whether it’s a Vitara, S-Cross, Swift, Ignis, Baleno or Jimny) to the garage/curb/median strip outfront of your annoying neighbour’s house for an extended period of time, it still might be time to get it serviced.

Think of it this way: all of this ‘not-driving’ is probably stressing your Suzuki out? Suzukis need, NO, deserve to be pampered. Here’s why…

The ABCs of TLC

Your Suzuki hatch or small SUV is jam-packed with features—ABS, ESC, AEB, AWD, and a whole bunch of other letters. But you know this. We’re not here to remind you of what an amazing financial decision your Suzuki was (it was, though). We’re just here to tell you that they all need the occasional check-in to make sure they’re working at their best. Service intervals vary dependant on model, for non-turbo variants it is every 15,000km or 12 months, which ever comes first. However, turbo models need a little more affection and require a service every 10,000km or 12 months.

Think of it like a spa day. But for your car. And with less partial nudity.

Three Beautiful Little Words: Genuine Service Program 

Genuine Service Program. Actually say it out loud. We’ll know if you don’t. Let the words roll off your tongue and soak into your heart. Genuine. Service. Program.

It’s basically a cheat code to life. It’s basically free money. You pay less in the long run by not having your car break down because you didn’t get it serviced (this is bad), and it keeps your warranty valid (this is good) because your Suzuki has only been tuned-up by Suzuki certified technicians.

Let’s say it one more time. Genuine Service Program. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff…

It’s Not Brain Surgery, But It’s Still Really Complicated

So, servicing a Suzuki isn’t brain surgery. But brain surgery also isn’t servicing a Suzuki, y’know?

What we’re saying is: if you’re not a highly-trained Suzuki certified technician, don’t try servicing a Suzuki. We’re saying this for your own benefit. It is sooooo complicated. There are, like, at least 50 different, complicated components that need to be checked with every service. Suzuki service centres and factory-trained technicians also have access to the latest Suzuki diagnostic equipment to ensure your Suzuki continues to operate in peak condition. Plus, only your Suzuki dealer can update your vehicles factory software. It kind of is like automotive brain surgery, actually…

Welcome to the Club

Selected models come with the peace of mind of roadside assistance and other programs that make it easier to get you and your car back home, but it’s even nicer to reduce the chance of needing assistance in the first place.

Even for new cars, a regularly serviced vehicle will use less fuel than one that hasn’t seen a mechanic in a few years (reminder: go see your dentist as well). And fuel efficiency obviously then impacts how much money you need to spend at the bowser. Also consider that different road conditions will impact your car in different ways, such as driving in the heat, over potholes, through every puddle you encounter, or on unmade roads. Hoses can loosen, car filters can get clogged up, your car’s suspension can sustain wear, you’d hate for your pride and joy to get unwell? Regular servicing is the best treatment for your ride.

Time to Say Goodbye… Briefly

When it comes time to move on from your current Suzuki (whatever, we don’t care) and buy a new Suzuki hatchback or small SUV (we lied, please never leave again!), a car that’s been regularly serviced is going to retain a higher resale value.

But maybe you’re one of those people where money is no object and you have a garage brimming with Suzukis. In that case, fine, but for everyone else, if you care about your wallet (specifically its fullness), book a service.

Talk to your local Suzuki dealership today about how we can keep you moving, save you money, and help keep your Suzuki on the road for longer.

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