We just won Canstar Blue, next stop the Oscars

We just won Canstar Blue, next stop the Oscars


Suzuki Australia has taken the Canstar Blue crown winning number 1 in Most Satisfied Customer – Small Cars 2020 and Best Value New Cars 2020. Next you’ll see us walking (driving) the red carpet, we’ve already started writing our acceptance speech(es).

This prestigious award for Most Satisfied Customers demonstrates to the entire automotive industry our manufacturers’ commitment to customer satisfaction, in fact, it’s hard to be dissatisfied with two of the best hatchbacks of 2020, the Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Baleno whilst also having some of the best small SUVs, such as Ignis, S-Cross, Vitara and Jimny (we aren’t biased).

Small cars and hatchback cars are an up-and-coming, extremely popular category and we are thrilled that the Suzuki Baleno and Swift have not only won the category but received top of the class marks for Reliability, Driving Experience and Value for Money.

The Best Value New Car 2020 Was awarded to Suzuki for our great value with our dominant presence in the small SUV and small car segment.  We dare you to find a small SUV better value than the Vitara, it just simply cannot be done, period.

Suzuki also placed third out of 15 brands overall in the “New Cars” category, but we’ll be at the top of that podium next year. In the New Cars category, we also received 5 stars for Reliability… the stars really are aligning.

The real highlight was being the only brand to achieve 5 stars for “Value for Money”– we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, the Suzuki Baleno, Swift, Ignis, S-Cross, Jimny and Vitara truly are the best small cars and small SUV’s of 2020.

These awards are a testament to our teams both here and overseas excelling in the small SUV/hatchback market, and things are only getting better.

Canstar Blue is Australia’s premier research and expert ratings agency working with customer satisfaction ratings, bundled with professional research, across 200+ different categories. Visit https://www.canstarblue.com.au/vehicles/overall/ for more information about the rating of the Suzuki Baleno, Swift and Vitara and our small SUV/hatchback cars. Keep your eyes out for our Academy Award nomination.

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