What's your favourite driving song?

What's your favourite driving song?


Everyone has a favourite driving tune. Here, we reveal what the team from Suzuki Australia like to belt out when they’re behind the wheel.

It’s Friday afternoon, the weekend beckons and you’ve fired up the Suzuki for the drive home from work … only to hit a peak hour crush with no end in sight.

We’ve all been there and probably all turned to the car stereo for entertainment.

We polled the Suzuki Australia office to find out which songs they play repeatedly in the car and which tunes turn even the toughest drive into an enjoyable one.

La Grange, ZZ Top

“Always in high rotation on my song list – as long as it’s played loud!”

Chris, Finance

Soul Kind Of Feeling, Dynamic Hepnotics

“In the ’80s, we lived in South Australia and would drive home to Melbourne for the weekends, with this song playing constantly. When it comes on now, I just laugh – but I still always sing along.”

Irene, Service

Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke

“This always gets blasted through the speakers. My daughter and I both love it!”

Kathy, Finance

Princes Of The Universe, Queen

“Favourite song from one of my favourite movies, Highlander.”

Mark, Spare Parts

Travelling Without Moving, Jamiroquai

“Awesome start in the film clip with Jay Kay (lead singer) flicking through gears on his Lamborghini Diablo. Great beats and an awesome song to drive to.”

Dave, Logistics

Mexican Radio, Wall of Voodoo

“Driving drum beats, compelling lyrics and Stan Ridgway’s unique vocals. Intrigued my then girlfriend enough to join me on a long drive. Twenty years later, we’re still together and it’s still one of our favourites.”

Andrew, Marketing

Long Train Runnin’ (Sure Is Pure 7″ edit), Doobie Brothers

“This song conjures up ‘what if?’ memories every time I hear it.”

Leah, Logistics

Shelter From The Rain, The Angels

“It’s the song I had ready to go in the tape player of my car when I lent it to a young lady more than 30 years ago. That poor girl is now my wife – and probably still wishes she’d never borrowed that car!”

Wayne, Sales

All Night Long, Lionel Richie

“Brings back memories of the best road trip I had with a group of mates after we left school.”

Danny, Marketing

More Than A Feeling, Boston

“Reminds me of my first car. It didn’t drive well, but I spent all my extra money on upgrading the car stereo to make every trip enjoyable. Good memories of simpler times.”

Steven, Sales

Like any ‘list’, there’s no right or wrong and it’s practically inexhaustible. So, what’s your favourite driving song? Head over to our Facebook page and tell us what it is and why!

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