Crossing Over – Suzuki concept gives a glimpse of the future

Crossing Over – Suzuki concept gives a glimpse of the future


Suzuki continues to push the design envelope with its concept cars, a philosophy embodied by the cutting edge Crosshiker.

Like all Suzuki concepts, it provides a window to the future of exciting product soon to arrive from a pioneering company that invented the compact SUV segment and is acknowledged as the master of small car design.

The Crosshiker packs a mighty technological punch, including state of the art fuel saving efficiencies and the latest in-car entertainment and connectivity.

Measuring just over 3.6 metres long, it highlights Suzuki’s amazing ability to maximise interior space by comfortably seating four adult passengers.

Using the latest lightweight materials, the Crosshiker tips the scales at just over 800 kg. Consequently, the one-litre engine boasts more than enough power for today’s urban customer while offering outstanding fuel economy.

Inside, the space-age interior reflects the bold exterior design, consisting of multiple layers that wrap the driver and passengers in a safe, sporty shell.

The driver controls the car with a cutaway steering wheel and takes advantage of the latest electronics.

Dubbed a “particle interface” by Suzuki engineers, it keeps key information in front of the driver, while offering easy access to a host of driver support functionality via a voice controlled interface.

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