Vitara celebrates 30th Anniversary

Vitara celebrates 30th Anniversary


The Suzuki Vitara has this year celebrated its 30th anniversary since the model’s global introduction in 1988.

Aggregate sales of the Vitara series in 191 countries and territories around the world since 1988 has reached more than 3.65 million units.

The Vitara continues its story as an ideal vehicle for daily mobility, weekend adventures and every journey in between.

In light of the 30th anniversary of the iconic SUV, a Vitara 30th Year Anniversary Edition is due to arrive from October 2018 with only 350 units available, based on the Vitara RT-S model.

Set to include stylish chrome DRL surrounds, chrome door guards for the front and rear, polished rear boot lip protector and a special 30th Anniversary Edition emblem on the exterior, whilst you can expect the interior to be fitted with the comfort of a centre armrest console.

Suzuki Australia General Manager – Automobile, Michael Pachota said a celebration of the anniversary reinstates for Australian consumers Suzuki’s exceptional value for money in the SUV segment.

“The Vitara has been an excellent competitor within the Australia SUV market for its outstanding reliability, low running costs and sleek design. The introduction of the 30th Year Anniversary Edition will suit those seeking a city SUV with exceptional value for money.”

The Vitara 30th Year Anniversary Edition will be available to purchase from October 1, 2018 with pre-orders available from today via Suzuki’s dealership network.

The Suzuki Vitara RT-S starts at $23,990 drive away, for an additional $1,000 buyers can secure one of the 350 vehicles available nationally.

In Australia, the Vitara has been awarded Drive’s Best City SUV for three years running with the Vitara RT-S in 2015, followed by the Vitara Turbo in 2016 & 2017.

Suzuki’s Vitara range has also been the driving force behind tent-pole television programs The Block and more recently House Rules.

Below is a detailed history of the Suzuki Vitara.


Suzuki took a dramatic step by creating an entirely new kind of off-road capable vehicle that arrived in Australia in 1988. One that was totally unlike the heavy-duty cross-country vehicles and passenger style sport utility vehicles of the time. That new vehicle was the first-generation Vitara.

The body design of the first-generation Vitara transcended anything seen on earlier 4×4 vehicles. Flush surfaces combined with a fresh design and other rounded contours gave a sense of warmth.

The first-generation Vitara also marked a new chapter in Suzuki’s all-terrain capabilities. A sturdy ladder-frame chassis with simple, refined suspension realised nimble footwork.

A short wheelbase of 2,200mm promoted maneuverability, and as the vehicle weighed no more than 1,000kg; it was lighter than any other off-roader available at the time.

Front and rear coil springs (superior to the leaf springs used on earlier 4×4 vehicles) and an interior design that promoted comfort without compromising functionality meant the first-generation Vitara offered new levels of ride quality and relaxation.

The first-generation Vitara sold approximately 1.1 million units over nine and a half years world-wide.


In 1998, Suzuki launched the first-generation Grand Vitara.

The Grand Vitara’s exterior design combined refinement with a dynamic-looking form exuding the strength and energy of a genuine cross-country 4×4 vehicle.

The front end incorporated a distinctive, chunky grill and large-reflector headlamps.

While the side view was distinguished by taut contours and a sharp wedge profile, inherited from the previous generation conveyed a sense of stability.

The interior design combined style with practicality, demonstrating flexibility and comfort in features that met the individual needs of five occupants.

Suzuki was mindful of SUVs’ city use, taking the opportunity to deliver better on-road performance. Suspension was changed from a rear-centre arm axle to a five-link rigid axle that offered significantly higher rigidity.

In 2000, Suzuki heightened convenience by enabling drivers to switch the transfer gearbox between two and four-wheel drive.

GRAND VITARA (third generation)

The third-generation made its market debut in 2005. It carried forward the unique identity of the Vitara series and showed advances that heightened awareness of Suzuki’s SUV excellence.

The body design reflected a sporty-and-tough theme: wide treads, large diameter wheels, and boldly flared fenders conveyed strength and stability.

A slightly reduced overall length and a wide stance emphasized the vehicle’s solidity in line with European styling tastes.

The cabin design also exuded a bold, sporty personality.

The Grand Vitara embodied a fusion of three key attributes: tough off-road performance, stable on-road performance and refined ride quality.

Independent suspension at the front and rear enabled superb on-road stability at high speed and great off-road capability too.

Ventilated disc brakes with fade resistance yielded by great cooling performance also enabled the Grand Vitara to handle diverse surfaces.

The current Grand Vitara remains a strong seller around the world nine years after its market debut.

Aggregate sales of the first and second generations has reached more than 1.7 million units.


In September 2015, 27 years after the first-generation Vitara’s debut, Suzuki returned to the Vitara name with a brand new model.

The new Vitara responded to increased demands in terms of technology, economic and environmental performance.

While representing an ideal match for a transformed market environment, it embodied the kind of authentic SUV design and all-terrain performance that befit a member of the Vitara series.

Suzuki’s 4WD technologies have evolved together with the Vitara series. The new Vitara incorporated the optional ALLGRIP system that debuted in the S-Cross.

This system has four driver-selectable modes, delivering driving pleasure and peace of mind while promoting fuel economy and limiting the burden the car places on the environment.

It also includes the newly developed audio system with seven-inch touch panel display with smartphone connectivity; Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Simply stated, the new generation Vitara is a compact SUV that meets every contemporary demand.

The 1.4 Boosterjet engine responds with superior power and superb fuel economy in all conditions.

The Vitara with the 1.4 Boosterjet releases instant acceleration for a more agile drive and plenty of torque for both freeways and steep inclines.

The Vitara’s legendary name-plate will continue through further generations in the future of Suzuki’s model line-up and we’re excited to celebrate its 30th Year Anniversary.

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