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It's time to bring sexy hatchback...and also small cars. But that joke doesn't really work with small cars.

Point is: if you're looking for a great quality hatchback or small car, you've come to the right website. From the Swift to Swift Sport, each Suzuki vehicle is more epic and better value than the last, no matter what order you read the list in.

Red Suzuki Swift hatch is compact and agile


The hatchback you'll leave your car for

So, you're thinking about leaving your old car, and that's okay. Sometimes you grow apart. It’s hard to admit you want more from your car. But you also deserve enhanced styling, advanced connectivity like Apple CarPlay® and a suite of cutting-edge safety features. So don’t feel bad. You aren't the first to come looking. Especially after the Swift won the 2021 Wheels Magazine award for Best Value Small Car 2021. It seems like there are a lot of car breakups going on.

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This hatchback has pizzazz inside and out. That’s right, we said pizzazz.  We feel it comes closest to what the English language has to offer in encapsulating the feeling of stepping inside the Swift. If you can find a better way to describe style and convenience going hand in hand, please do get in touch.

If you’re after even more pizzazz, the Swift GLX Turbo comes standard with a leather-covered steering wheel, keyless push-button start, user-friendly hands-free phone and many other features that make this iconic hatchback the best small car you’ve never met.

Hatchback cars in Australia are in high demand with many to choose from. But, if you’re after the best small cars, you’ve come to the right website. Check out the Swift, the iconic hatchback.

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Swift Sport is a small car with big energy

Swift Sport

For people who hate driving bad cars

As the ancient proverb goes, "they who say they hate driving cars, probably drive crap cars." It's a good, definitely real proverb. And it's understandable — most people drive unawesome cars. Luckily, we know you can't be a bad driver because you are reading this. And what is ‘this’ you ask? The ultimate of ultimate Swifts. Under the hood the Swift Sport has a beefier Boosterjet turbo engine and so many standard features that they would not fit in this summary.

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The 1.4L BoosterJet engine is a marvel of engineering power and efficiency. Giving you all the cards when you take the wheel, but instead of cards, it's the accelerator with your foot ready to be planted on it. Lightness has also been added, 80kg to be exact, or the same as taking an AFL player out of the passenger seat, giving you better handling and feel. No need to worry if it has Adaptive cruise control, climate control air conditioning, advanced connectivity and all those other feature buzz words. It has a lot. You name it, it's in there.  The only thing it‘s missing… is you.

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