It's time to bring sexy hatchback...and also small cars. But that joke doesn't really work with just small cars.

Point is: if you're looking for a sexy, great quality hatchback or small car, you've come to the right website. From the Baleno to Swift Sport, each Suzuki vehicle is sexier and better value than the last-no matter what order you read the list in.


The perfect small car doesn't exis—...

Stylish, spacious, and loaded with features. If "having your cake and eating it too" were a versatile hatchback, it would be the Baleno.

"Surely," you think. "Nothing with that price tag can be this perfect."

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The small car you'll leave your car for

So, you're thinking about leaving your old car, and that's ok. It's hard to admit you don't love your car anymore. But you want enhanced styling, advanced connectivity and a suite of cutting-edge safety features in a sleek hatchback package that your car just isn't doing for you. What you want, is the Swift.

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Swift Sport

For people who hate driving bad cars

As the ancient proverb goes, "they who say they hate driving cars, probably drive crap cars." It's a good, definitely real proverb.

And it's understandable — most people drive unawesome cars. Luckily, you're on the page for the Suzuki Swift Sport and the Swift Sport is pure, turbocharged, hatchback awesome.

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Why choose a Suzuki Small Car?

  • New car warranty


    Unlimited km warranty

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  • Capped price servicing


    100,000km capped price service whichever comes first

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Listening to us tell you how great our cars are, is kinda like listening to your mum tell you that you’re the best-looking kid at school. Sorry mum.

So, don’t just take our word for it. Let us know which Suzuki you’ve got your eye on and we’ll send you a list of independent reviews.

Oh, by the way if you ask us, mum was right—you’re a legend.

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