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Once upon a time, a hatchback and an SUV fell in love. Many rejected the idea, but they knew deep down that they had something special. They married and bonded, and after several years, small SUVs were born. With the space and comfort of an SUV, and the fuel efficiency and performance of a hot hatch, their offspring were set to dominate the automotive world… okay, so maybe all that didn’t happen, and technically cars can’t give birth. And selling their offspring would be a whole problematic ethical and legal debate. What did happen was that the genius minds at Suzuki were responsible for creating some of the best small SUVs around.


The compact, small SUV from another dimension.

The Ignis has worn many names. Compact SUV, ultra-compact SUV, compacts compact SUV. Whatever you call it, make sure to add an adverb and compact. While you ponder the title to bestow upon it, let us regale you with tales of the new design and unique colour options, of the retro-yet-modern touches and the generous storage space of 1101L* that rivals that of its larger SUV competitors. The interior matches the new look, with a sleek, urban style with flashes of funky colour and of course, Ignis has within reach all the conveniences that Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ provide. This compact SUV also has outstanding fuel efficiency—just 4.7L/100km^. When you think about it, the Ignis might just be the best small SUV ever created.

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The Ignis offers two variants: the GL and GLX. The GL comes equipped with either a 5-speed manual or automatic CVT transmission powered by a 1.2L Dualjet engine. This small SUV's kerb weight is only 820kg † , allowing it to achieve such low fuel efficiency. Whilst the GL offers room for 5, the GLX 4 seat configuration will enable you to slide and recline the rear seats, which is quite nifty and practical. The GLX also offers keyless start and digital climate control. You name it, the Ignis can do it.

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The small SUV for Adults

What sets Suzuki's flagship SUV apart from all other small SUVs? Launching in 1988, the Vitara became the first small SUV to grace our roads, creating the small SUV segment after it became a raging success. This Vitara is etched in history as being one of the most popular small SUVs, winning countless awards in its 30+ year history.

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The iconic Vitara is known for its reliability and being a versatile small SUV that's ready to adventure. It comes in three different variants, depending on your level of adventurousness: Vitara, the more spirited Vitara Turbo and the off-road conqueror, Vitara Turbo ALLGRIP. Standard across all is the smart, simple to use infotainment system that works great with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™—keep your hands on the wheel, just ask your digital assistant: "Play Land Shanties on Spotify" and capture all the fun and adventure of the high seas—on the highways with Vitara’s very own driving album. Okay, we may have spoken too soon earlier – the Vitara is surely also one of the best small SUVs you could ask for.

If you're after a spirited adventure, strap yourself into a Vitara Turbo, a seriously powerful small SUV with its 1.4-litre Boosterjet turbo engine. All the fun driving won't cost the earth at the pump, with its lean fuel efficiency of 5.9L/100km§. You'll also love the leather accented seats with geometric pattern suede inserts, LED headlights and large cargo space.

If you're feeling that you need a more capable small SUV that enables you to get off the beaten track, the Vitara Turbo ALLGRIP is the one for you. It's ALLGRIP select 4WD system is designed to ensure maximum traction providing the inherent values of "Fun to drive", "Peace of mind" and "High fuel-efficiency" by allowing you to choose from four driving modes (AUTO, SPORT, SNOW, and LOCK). The electronically controlled four wheel drive system with selectable driving mode uses a simple push-and-turn dial so the driver can experience different driving styles depending on the road surfaces or conditions. The Vitara Turbo ALLGRIP also offers a large panoramic sunroof for all you stargazers out there.

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*Maximum capacity when the rear seats are down

^ GL Manual. NEDC Fuel Consumption figures may not mimic real-life driving conditions and should be considered for comparison against other vehicles only.

GL Manual.

§ NEDC Fuel Consumption figures may not mimic real-life driving conditions and should be considered for comparison against other vehicles only.

Apple CarPlay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Android Auto is a trademark of Google Inc.

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