The RE.3 puts a sporty spin on the Swift

The RE.3 puts a sporty spin on the Swift


To celebrate the release of the limited-edition RE.3, we take a look at Suzuki’s Genuine Swift Body Kits, which not only look great but also enhance the performance of your car.

Australians love to customise their cars – we even have a representative of the Australian Motor Enthusiast Party in the Senate! And Suzuki has fuelled this enthusiasm with the launch of the Swift RE.3 – a limited-edition release of one of Australia’s most popular light cars, complete with racing decals and spoilers.

Many suppliers offer body kits that allow you to customise your car yourself, but the results can be hit-and-miss – and potentially expensive and time consuming to fix. When you buy a pre-customised RE.3, you can get the perfect fit and colour match with Suzuki’s Genuine Swift Body Kits. Front and rear spoilers and custom RE.3 decals are available, to enhance the sporty styling of your ride.

Customised for better performance

Not only do Suzuki’s Genuine Swift Body Kits look great, they can also enhance driving performance, giving you a smoother, safer, more fuel-efficient drive. Different types of spoilers were first trialed on rocket cars in the 1920s and became a common feature on racing cars from the 1960s. Here’s how they operate.

Front under spoiler – directs the airflow towards the car radiator and reduces the amount of air flowing underneath your car, reducing aerodynamic lift and drag to ensure you hug the road.

Rear roof spoiler – generates a downforce that creates a drag to better stabilize the vehicle.  This not only increases traction, but the braking ability aswell.

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