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1. Warranty Provider

This warranty is provided by Suzuki Australia Pty Limited (ABN 57 001 828 164) of 97-105 Cherry Lane, Laverton North, VIC 3026, telephone 1800 777 088 or email contactus@suzuki.com.au (“SAPL”).

2. Warranty Policy

SAPL warrants that if any part of a vehicle is found to be defective due to Suzuki’s faulty materials or manufacturing during the warranty period and the defect is disclosed immediately to an Authorised Suzuki Dealer, the defect will, at SAPL’s option, be rectified or parts replaced free of charge by an Authorised Suzuki Dealer, subject to the conditions and exclusions set out in this warranty.

All repairs under this warranty must be carried out by an Authorised Suzuki Dealer. This warranty applies only to vehicles supplied or distributed by or through SAPL and only while a vehicle resides in Australia or its Territories.

Parts or components which are ascertained by SAPL to be defective due to a manufacturing defect will be replaced without cost to the vehicle owner for labour or the part or component itself. All parts or components removed under this warranty shall become the property of SAPL.

Please note: Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods. Repair of the goods may result in loss of data contained in the goods and Suzuki takes no responsibility for the loss of such data.

3. Warranty Period

This warranty shall begin from the date the Retail Delivery Advice (RDA) is recorded on the SAPL warranty system indicating the vehicle has been sold to the first private usage retail purchaser (or in the case of a Dealer demonstrator model, when the Dealer first placed it into service) and shall continue for 60 months with unlimited

kilometres (“Warranty Period”). The recorded date of the Retail Delivery Advice (RDA) may be earlier than the date of delivery. Please contact your Authorised Suzuki Dealer if you have any questions.

Any vehicle used for commercial purposes, such as taxis, hire vehicle and vehicles transporting people or goods for payment, including on a part-time or casual basis, rideshare, etc are subject to a maximum of five (5) years or 160,000 km (whichever occurs first) warranty.

If an Authorised Suzuki Dealer replaces or repairs any parts under this warranty, the warranty will be extended to cover those parts for the remainder of the original Warranty Period.

Any unexpired portion of this warranty will be transferred to subsequent owners upon the resale of the vehicle during the Warranty Period provided that the procedure for transfer of warranty to a subsequent owner in the Warranty and Service Record Booklet is followed.

4. What is not covered

This warranty is subject to a number of exclusions as listed below:

(a) Wheel balancing and alignment after 1,500 km or one month from commencement of the Warranty Period.

(b) Any repair/adjustment performed by a non-authorised Dealer or damage resulting therefrom.

(c) Normal wear and tear and service adjustments, including but not limited to: maintenance services such as engine tune-up, general tightening.

(d) The replacement of consumables, including but not limited to: brake linings, brake  discs,  tyres, clutch plates, pressure plates, cables, bulbs, window glass, filters, lubricating oil, fluids, spark plugs, fuses, brushes, remote transmitter batteries, etc.

(e) Environmental conditions including but not limited to stone-chipping, tree sap, salt, hail, storm damage, bird droppings or airborne pollutant fallout.

(f) Accident, theft, fire, acts of God, war or terrorism.

(g) Damage resulting from misuse, negligence, alteration, accident, competition, racing, operation other than in accordance with SAPL’s recommendations or failure to follow SAPL’s recommended routine maintenance procedures prescribed in the Owner’s Manual. Degradation of trim items may also be excluded.

(h) Paintwork, brightwork or finishing repairs due to causes beyond the control of SAPL.

(i) The introduction of non-approved modifications, including but not limited to engine modification, specification adjustment, tyre installation, exterior surface treatments and glass films.

(j) Damage caused by continuing to operate a vehicle while a fault or defect is known to exist.

(k) Parts and accessory items other than parts and accessories approved by Suzuki including, but not limited to: radio, towbar, tyres, etc. Such items may be subject to the warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer. Please contact your Authorised Suzuki Dealer for further advice.

(l) Diminished shock absorber efficiency after 50,000 km.

(m) Interior trim noises, squeaks and rattles or misalignment after 3,000 km or 3 months from commencement of the Warranty Period.

(n) Remote transmitter defects - remote control units that have been subject to external damage due to impact are not covered.

(o) Vehicle batteries are covered by warranty for 3 years/100,000 km only. Extended warranties do not apply.

(p) Suzuki genuine vehicle accessories installed at time of vehicle purchase are covered for 3 years/100,000 km only.

(q) Suzuki genuine accessories subsequently installed, after vehicle purchase, carry their own warranty conditions. Please refer to your authorised Suzuki Dealer for further details.

5. What you must do to obtain warranty service

Return the vehicle to an Authorised Suzuki Dealer at your own expense together with proof of ownership and the Warranty and Service Record Booklet.

SAPL’s network of authorised dealers is large, and continues to expand. To find current contact information

for your nearest Authorised Suzuki Dealer, please visit our website at www.suzuki.com.au or call 1800 777 088.

When all warranty repairs have been completed, you must at your expense collect the vehicle from the Authorised Suzuki Dealer.

6. Other conditions

There are a number of things you can do to assist in maintaining the appearance and value of your vehicle and ensuring the requirements for application of this warranty are met:

(a) Routine scheduled maintenance is the Owner’s responsibility. Always operate and maintain your vehicle according to the instructions in the Owner’s Manual and Warranty and Service Record Booklet.

(b) You should retain evidence that maintenance has been performed according to SAPL’s recommendations by appropriately qualified persons: that is a person who  has  a  government accredited, nationally recognised Certificate in Light Vehicle Automotive Technology or a person in the process of completing an apprenticeship related to obtaining such a Certificate. Claims made under the warranty will not be met if they result from a lack of or improper maintenance, repairs or maintenance performed by non-qualified persons or use of parts and accessories which result in the failure of another component on the vehicle.

(c) If your vehicle is subject to use under severe driving conditions, you should follow the special maintenance requirements specified by your Authorised Suzuki Dealer and outlined in the Owner’s Manual.

(d) You are required to take the following additional action should your vehicle be used in any of the conditions described below:

(i) After running in sand or salt water, the whole vehicle including the underside must be washed thoroughly with fresh water.

Note: Excessive sand and/or salt water ingress may lead to severe mechanical damage. It is advised to consult your Authorised Suzuki Dealer promptly after significant exposure to these conditions.

(ii) After running in deep mud, inside of brake drums must be washed clean.

(iii) After running in water at axle height, gear and differential oil must be changed.

(iv) Stone chips and exposed sharp edges should be repainted. All ambient conditions cause metal surfaces to corrode, so close attention to this will help to keep deterioration to a minimum.

(e) SAPL shall not be liable under this warranty for any consequential loss, damage, injury or expense arising out of any defect of any nature in any vehicle or part thereof or in connection with the fulfilment of any obligation under this warranty. SAPL is not liable for any cost, expense, loss or damage incurred by an owner while their vehicle is unavailable during the performance of any services in connection with this warranty.

All warranty transactions must be completed within the warranty period. Departure from any of the above conditions could invalidate this warranty.

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